Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mount Davidson...

Aside from the views, something else is special about Mount Davidson. Technically it's not part of San Francisco! And here's why...

There is a giant cross at the top of this peak! If you look behind the platform that the cross sits on, you will find the following sign...

So I guess it's really just the flat cleared area at the top of Mount Davidson including the land upon which the cross stands that is not considered to be part of San Francisco due to the constitutional principle of separation of Church and State. When I happened to come across this sign, I wondered what that political discussion was like. Could it have been anywhere near as ridiculous as the public nudity ban dialog last year?

Either way, Mount Davidson (named after George Davidson, a Sierra Club charter member) holds a very special title as the highest peak in all of San Francisco with a summit of 928 feet. So if you're visiting The City and you want to get as high as possible, contrary to popular belief, the intersection of Haight Street & Ashbury Street is not the place for this.

Ask some of the guys in the Castro which mount is the highest in The City and you're like to hear them reply, "Twin Peaks!" An understandable mistake considering the fact that Twin Peaks is located just above the Castro neighborhood with a comparable elevation of 922 Feet.

But back to Mount Davidson, it's a lovely place to go if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of The City for a bit. The views you will find at the top of the peak are beautiful on a cloudy/rainy day...

East view of San Francisco from Mount Davidson.

Or a sunny day...

West view from Mount Davidson with Pacific Ocean in the distance.

South view from Mount Davidson points to San Bruno Mountain.

Roughly half of this hill (one of the original seven) is covered by eucalyptus trees, bushes and plant life. This is where you're most likely to hear birds chirping and see wildlife in action.

Sun sets in a Mount Davidson eucalyptus tree forest.

Within the park at the top of this peak, you will find several benches (making for great places to eat a packed lunch) that showcase the expansive views as well as a few short walking/biking trails. There are six entrance points in total but I recommend the entrance where Landsdale Ave, Dalewood Way and Myra Way intersect. This is where the 36 Teresita Muni bus line stop is located making for a convenient way to access the park on public transportation.

Mount Davidson is not usually crowded (unlike Twin Peaks) so if you have the time, check it out!

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