Monday, February 18, 2013

A Beacon...

Now that I've established a foundation, you might be wondering, what is this blog about? And the short answer is, a lot of things! :) But overall, I envision these posts to showcase what my life is like as a San Francisco resident. The blog title came to me one evening not too long ago as I gazed skyward.

Especially during the Winter months, we tend to get these amazingly colorful other-worldly sunrises and sunsets.

Sun coming up over John McLaren Park and San Bruno Mountain

I'm talking R-O-Y-G-B-I-V, all the colors of the rainbow representing in what was once considered to be the most gay place on Earth so it makes sense right? But just like the seasons, things change and San Francisco is no stranger to this. Many things have taken on new forms over the years that I've been living here.

But getting back to the blog title story, I'm looking up in the sky and I see this seagull flying overhead. The tall buildings of the city created shadows on the ground below as dusk was nearing. But the gull was illuminated in radiant California sunshine. And I thought to myself, beacon. That bird is a beacon, telling me that the sun has not set yet, a signal that there is still a little bit of the day left before the night extinguishes the last remaining rays of light. Beacon, what is a beacon? According to Wikipedia, a beacon is a "conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location." Why yes, this is what I want the primary focus of my blog to be. I want it to be a beacon for all things San Francisco. So I'll be posting about famous places, faces, restaurants, underground hideouts, off the beaten path, tourist destinations, new trends and more but within a framework of my interpretations and experiences. Sometimes, I'll link to articles about The City that I found interesting or viewpoints to consider. I'm also an avid cook so you're likely to see posts about great recipes to try.

Well I hope you enjoy the trip I'm planning to take you are now set up to learn alot about San Francisco, this magical city by the bay, from the eyes of someone who actually lives here.

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